Video Conferencing Cloud

Graphic of cloud video bridging services

Multipoint Bridging Services from Eyenetwork

Introducing EyeCloud

When you want to connect more than 2 video conference systems together, then a video conferencing cloud solution may be what you need.

We can offer you an ‘always on’ virtual space where you can connect multiple devices and pay a flat monthly fee.

Video Meeting Room

EyeCloud virtual room pricing depends on the amount of users you wish to connect at the same time. You will be charged a flat fee per month per participant/location with no restriction on the amount of minutes used.

EyeCloud is perfect for video users who regularly link the same end points and all parties are comfortable making out bound calls.

An EyeCloud room is also ideal if your video conference system only runs on IP and you wish to connect regularly with an ISDN site as it provides a gateway between networks. If you only have an ad-hoc need to connect more than 2 sites or IP to ISDN then our regular video bridging service may be more appropriate for your needs.

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